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Premed Advising READY package


By choosing the Premed READY Package, you will receive:

  • Personalized Success Roadmap: Stay organized with a detailed custom roadmap featuring to-do lists, timelines, recommended medical school targets, current Science and Overall GPA, and much more.

  • Personalized one-on-one advising: Access to dedicated support and tailored guidance throughout your entire premed journey.

  • Uncovering your unique story: We'll work together to articulate your passions and help you craft an application package that highlights your individuality and strengths.

  • Strategic activity planning: Maximize your impact with focused extracurricular activities aligned with your goals and targeted medical schools.

  • Curated Opportunity Portfolio: Assistance in finding valuable volunteering and clinical experiences through our network of contacts and curated options.

  • MCAT mastery: Receive expert guidance in scheduling and recommendations on various effective study plans and resources to conquer the MCAT.

  • Early planning of desired medical schools: We'll help you build a strategy to align your activities with your preferred medical schools.

  • Unlimited email & text support: Get your questions answered quickly and confidently through unlimited contact via email and text.

  • Staying on track: This package includes a maximum of 2 update meetings to ensure you're progressing towards your goals.

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