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Reapplicant Advising

The medical school application process is challenging, and facing rejection can be tough. But know that you're not alone. Many qualified students don't get accepted in their first cycle.

At Leff Premed Advising, we understand that reapplying to medical school can be daunting, but it's also an opportunity to strategically refine your approach. We help reapplicants like you rethink your application and maximize your chances of admission. 

Cost: $299

Cost includes:

  • One hour of advising with two expert advisors.

  • If you book an Premed or Medical School advising package with us after the session, the $299 will be applied to the cost of your package.

Our experts will analyze your past application, revealing hidden strengths and pinpointing weaknesses for a winning resubmission.


Areas of analysis include:

Personal Statement

Was your personal statement a compelling reflection of your journey? We’ll evaluate themes, tone, and focal points to ensure it presented you as the best applicant.


Grades, MCATs, and Medical School List

Applying to medical school is fiercely competitive, and choosing the right schools is crucial. As experienced medical school admissions advisors, we understand the nuances of individual applications and school selection. We will evaluate your list of schools to ensure it aligns with your specific goals, experiences, and credentials.


Application Activity List

Unsure if your pre-med activities painted a compelling picture? We can help! Get insightful feedback on your descriptions, ensuring they showcased valuable growth, skills, and motivations beyond just tasks. 


Other Application Factors

Don't let hidden pitfalls sabotage your application! Beyond pre-med activities, various issues could have impacted your chances: timing, recommendation letters, missing prerequisites, and more. Let us help you navigate these complexities and ensure your next application cycle will shine from every angle.

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