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Conquer Medical School Admission with Expert Guidance

Getting into medical school is no easy feat. It takes a strong academic foundation, relevant experience, and a compelling application that showcases your unique qualities and motivations. However, navigating the complex application process alone can be overwhelming.

That's where Leff Premed Advising comes in.

We are a team of experienced medical school admissions advisors dedicated to helping you craft a winning application that stands out from the crowd. We offer comprehensive advising services to guide you through every step of the journey, from selecting the right schools to writing impactful essays to preparing for interviews.

Application review and guidance: 

Our advisors have in-depth knowledge of the medical school admissions process and can provide personalized feedback on your application materials, ensuring they are polished and error-free.

Expert essay writing support:

We'll work with you to brainstorm, develop, and refine your personal statement and secondary essays, ensuring they tell your story in a way that resonates with admissions committees.

Strategic school selection:

We'll help you identify schools that are a good fit for your academic background, interests, and career goals, maximizing your chances of acceptance.

Mock interviews and feedback:

Practice makes perfect! We'll conduct realistic mock interviews to help you hone your communication skills and feel confident answering any questions that come your way.

Medical School Application Services


Primary Application Only

Our advisors are here to help with your Primary Application including personalized expert feedback on your application materials, strategic school selection, and comprehensive personal statement consultation.

$2399 for package


Secondary Essay Editing

We specialize in guiding students through the secondary application process by uncovering their most compelling stories, aligning them with prompts, and ensuring they reflect a strong fit with the school's values and mission.

$150 per hour


Interview Prep

Preparing for a medical school interview can be daunting, but with our team of attending physicians and current medical students, you'll be in good hands. We offer interview preparation services for all types of interviews, including MMI, one-on-one, and group interviews. Our team will conduct mock interviews and provide you with valuable feedback to help you feel confident and prepared on interview day.

$400 per  session

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