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Premed Advising

Whether you're a college junior approaching the prospect of applying to medical school or a freshman looking ahead to the future, we offer customized packages to equip you with essential tools and guidance specific to your phase of the journey. 


Each of our packages includes our three core offerings:

  • Personalized Success Roadmap: Our unique, tailored tool reveals to-do lists, timelines, GPA insights, and medical school targets, making your individual path clear and achievable.

  • One-on-One Advising: In personalized sessions with experts, we will guide you through the requirements and proven strategies for medical school admission success. 

  • Curated Opportunity Portfolio: Our carefully selected list of clinical and volunteer activities will align with your passions and goals and offer valuable premed learning experiences.


Explore our packages below to find the one that’s best suited for you.

Premed Advising READY package

This package is tailored to college juniors, seniors, or graduates planning to apply to medical school within the next twelve months and seeking guidance to make their application stand out.

Premed Advising MASTERY Package

Designed for students planning to apply to medical school in one to two years and seeking continuous guidance in selecting impactful experiences and effective strategies to enhance their candidate profile.

Premed Advising PRIME Package

Ideal for students planning to apply to medical school within two to three years, including freshmen and nontraditional applicants seeking comprehensive guidance and support.

Premed Advising PREMIUM Package

Tailored to students planning to apply in three or more years, including college freshmen and nontraditional applicants. This top-tier package offers a personalized strategy, extensive support, curated opportunities, and an enhanced roadmap to transform your premed journey. By starting early, you'll align your efforts and focus, paving the way for a compelling applicant profile.

Unsure which Package best fits your needs?
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